The object of this Coalition shall be to provide a close union for its members, to be part of an ethnic group of Professional Law Enforcement Officers, who cherish the spirit of brotherhood and remembrance of their roots. This coalition does not and will not take the place of any Union/Benevolent Association or any other bargaining agent that our members currently belong to. Asst. Exec.

We emphatically state that our ethnic policies will not interfere with any municipal negotiations in any way. We will purely be an ethnic group to provide National membership so that our Italian Heritage will not be Treasurer forgotten and will receive the respect that it is due. This coalition will be aptly represented not only in Washington but throughout our great country.

Our Main Goals are as follows: To provide a National Coalition for established Italo-American groups from all parts of our Criminal Justice system. Provide Associate membership to individuals in the business community who are proud to support the members of our Coalition We will never put aside the fact that first and foremost we are all proud to be American Law Enforcement Officers , and honored to be of Italian ancestry.